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Name: Dante
Contact: [ profile] teenysanguini  or
Character Name: Napstablook
Character Series: Undertale
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Feb. 7th, 2017 09:41 pm
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Player name: Dante
Characters currently in-game: None

Character Name: Napstablook
Character Age: Napstablook doesn't really have a defined age. But since I'm going with a humanization option for them, I'm going to go with early 20s.
Canon: Undertale
Canon Point: Right before the Post-Pacifist ending
History: Here
Personality: Napstablook is an introvert ghost with low self-esteem and a gloomy personality. They tend to spend their time in places away from other monsters, such as the Ruins. Along with preferring isolation, Napstablook doesn't try to initiate conversations with people they don't know. Such was the case with Frisk, when Napstablook pretended to be asleep to avoid interacting with them. But when Frisk tries to engage them in a friendly way, Napstablook is quick to warm up to them.

Napstablook suffers from a crippling lack of self-esteem, having absolutely no confidence in themselves whatsoever. They apologize for minor inconveniences, such as supposedly rambling too much when they talk about themselves for a couple of sentences. In response to attempted flirting, Napstablook just dejectedly answers that they'd only be weighing Frisk down. They don't expect anyone to go out of their way for them, and they don't expect others to enjoy their company. When Frisk accepts Napstablook's invitation to visit their home, Napstablook admits that they weren't expecting Frisk to come over. When the Mad Dummy flees the fight with Frisk, Napstablook immediately blames themselves for causing Frisk's "friend" to leave. They seem to have very little confidence in people willingly spending time with them, and seems to be resigned to the idea of others passing over or leaving them.

If they're gently encouraged or if someone's kind enough to them, Napstablook will attempt to socialize with that person and try to impress them. For example, if Frisk cheers on Napstablook enough, they'll use their own tears to make a ghostly top hat to show Frisk. On the other hand, Napstablook seems to take rejection pretty hard. If Frisk doesn't immediately say something positive when Napstablook tries to impress Frisk with their ghostly top hat, they'll respond with a sad "I knew it" and it'll be difficult to console them. It seems like Napstablook fears rejection in general, and that's why it's difficult to get them to socialize with others unless that person really tries to interact with them. Another example of this is when Frisk later joins a monster social networking site and gets a friend request from Napstablook. Before Frisk can even accept it, Napstablook immediately deletes the request. Also when Napstablook invites Frisk to lie down on the floor with them, rejecting their offer twice causes Napstablook to get upset and vanish out of the room. That's actually how Napstablook deals with confrontation or rejection most of the time. If there's a situation they don't like or want to run from, they'll try to phase away from it.

While it might be out of fear of upsetting the other person, Napstablook is polite and accommodating to a fault. For example, if Frisk chooses to fight Napstablook, they eventually reveal that they can't actually be killed and that they were lowering their HP because they didn't want to be rude. In a neutral run where Frisk has proven themselves to be dangerous, Napstablook will still attempt to be a good host despite being afraid of Frisk. Even if they're afraid of Frisk and don't want to be around them, Napstablook will attempt to find a polite and non-confrontational way of trying to steer them away. This results in Napstablook accidentally telling Frisk the location of their house so Frisk can "avoid" running into it by mistake. During the pacifist route, Napstablook makes more of an attempt to befriend Frisk. They come over to say hello while Frisk is in the middle of fighting the Mad Dummy, and actually invites Frisk over to their house. What this proves is that if someone is kind enough to Napstablook, then Napstablook will try being friendly with them in return. Napstablook never seems to expect their attempts at friendship being reciprocated, and they always act surprised when Frisk follows through.

By visiting Napstablook, it's shown that they have a strong passion for music and that they make CDs online as a hobby. If Frisk plays any of the CDs found in Napstablook's house, the ghost will offer their honest opinion on all of them. Napstablook has a strong preference for an eerie arrangement of ghostly music that other monsters find creepy and off-putting, but those songs are what gets Napstablook to really open up about music. They'll even sing along to one of the songs if Frisk plays it.

When not making CDs or listening to music, Napstablook also has a fondness for snails. Their home is connected to a snail farm, in which Napstablook runs by themselves even after the rest of their cousins left to pursue their dreams of being corporeal. Out of Napstablook's family, Napstablook seems to be the only one who isn't fond of the idea of having a body of their own. In addition to raising snails, Napstablook is a big fan of Mettaton's TV show. They're the first one to call in when Mettaton starts taking calls for his show's last episode, mentioning that they'll miss the show once it's gone and that it brought excitement to their life.

In general, Napstablook doesn't have much confidence in themselves and tends to think of themselves as a bother, but they'll still go out of their way to please others. They're a very kind, and rather socially awkward monster with a passion for music that's hard to match. Napstablook's reclusive nature often leads them to be the last to know what's going on around them. This actually ends up saving Napstablook from having their soul stolen along with the rest of the Underground's population during Frisk and Asriel's final battle, but it comes with the unfortunate consequence of Napstablook never learning Frisk's real name.

Inventory: Just their headphones!

Abilities: Napstablook is incorporeal, so they can do things like phase through walls, disappear, or float. They can't be killed either, at least not by any physical weapon. While their tears are acid and harmful to touch, Napstablook can use their own tears to make thing for themselves. They've been able to cry themselves a hat or used their tears to "write" down someone's name. Like any other Undertale monster, Napstablook has the ability to absorb a human soul after that human dies.

In non-magical abilities, Napstablook is very passionate about music. A lot of their free time is spent making CDs and in the Post-Pacifist ending, they get hired as Mettaton's sound mixer.

Flaws: Napstablook is a shut-in that doesn't like dealing with social interactions, and their extremely low self-esteem makes it difficult for them to form relationships with other people.

They also take rejection very hard, either becoming hard to console or removing themselves from the situation as quickly as they can.

Action Log Sample: Test drive here


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